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ELE Dance & Fitness

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ELE Dance & Fitness was founded in 2018 by Emma Louise Egerton, a professional dancer, choreographer and fitness instructor.

"I created ELE Dance & Fitness to combine my love and passion for dance with fitness.

My aim is to provide fun and inspiring dance and fitness classes for all ages and abilities in a safe environment.

I want my clients to find the fun and joy in their dance and fitness workouts, to discover both the physical and mental benefits of staying active, to find that feeling and passion that keeps them coming back for more and to be able to walk out of every class with ELE Dance & Fitness smiling and happy". - Emma Louise Egerton.

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I recommend Emma’s classes to everyone!! There is so much positive energy and loud music that I feel I am out clubbing! I started Zumba 7 months ago as a complete non-dancer with two left feet. My daughter had given me the good advice to stand in the back row, which was lucky because I was not able to keep up with the moves. But much to my surprise, by week two I was getting some things right(ish). It is a great feeling to make progress and learn new skills. It works the mind as well as the body muscles. So now I am a total convert to Zumba and a lot fitter for it. 
You can see Emma is a trained dancer because her footwork is very clear and easy to follow. She has certainly taught me to move my body in fun dancey ways with her Zumba routines. The first experience of a Zumba class might be a shock if you have never done it before, because it looks like everyone else knows what to do except you. But that’s how everyone starts. You soon get the hang of it. I love her classes!



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Raynes Park Class Location:

Lantern Arts Centre, Tolverne Road, Raynes Park, London, SW20 8RA


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